Product Development

CanChew Biotech has a patented technology which comprises the inclusion of regulatory acceptable active pharmaceutical ingredients [API] of the cannabinoid variety in a patented and proprietary chewing gum delivery formulation. CanChew® for medical purposes, specifically pain treatment, associated with a variety of long term chronic or degenerative diseases whereby cannabinoid therapy is finding increasing application in a global marketplace.

The CanChew® formulation offers a unique, socially acceptable, patient friendly, taste masked and convenient delivery format for delivery of the cannabis/cannabinoid(s) based medicine via the oral mucosal membranes. Drug delivery via the oral mucosa offers rapid and nearly complete absorption directly into the systemic circulation hence rapid onset and bioavailability. Pre-systemic metabolism is avoided and improved healthcare and economic opportunities exist compared to alternative drug delivery routes. The CanChew® delivery system can be modified to control the active release rates enabling replication of existing pharmacokinetic profiles for regulatory simplicity.